A book is a present you open again and again.

But what happens when that "book" is a digital file with no cover to crack open or pages to thumb through?

In Chicago, the "second city" of U.S. publishing, writers and sellers answering that question know that the industry is an open book that changes again and again...

E-Book Innovation

Chicago company embraces digital potential for clients

From Page to Screen

Authors' perspectives on writing for the digital world

A Tale of Two Bookstores

One seller taps new technology...

while another closes its doors.

How does Chicago's book scene stack up?

Chicago is the 28th most literate U.S. city, behind New York (26) and D.C. (1).

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Where do people buy books today?

Online sales grew more than 55% from 2008 to 2010, while other sales shrank.

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Where is the book industry headed?

E-book sales grew by more than 1000% from 2008 to 2010.

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Chart data from Pew Research Center, the Association of American Publishers "BookStats" report, "America's Most Literate Cities 2010" (Central Connecticut State University), PublishersGlobal.com, the American Booksellers Association and City of Chicago Directory of Chicago Publishers.

Content created and edited by Kyle Clapham, Christina Garner, Bethany Leggett and Gretchen Roecker.